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Spec0ps Apr 26 '15

A Dynamic Whole Map SP/COOP mission focusing on smooth performance, offering wide customization options and full freedom for gameplay in random generated world events that react on player's actions. Where ever you go, there is life and events to see depending local relationship values and what kind of enemy/friendly installations there happens currently to be. Capture factories, piers, power plants to get resources faster to custom build AI guarded guardposts with custom easy-to-use constructing system or spend it to call more support that you can high command if wanted. Or drive any land vehicle, chopper or plane, capturing dynamic generating zones around map. Keep local civilians happy by commiting tasks for them or turn them rioting by raiding villages for more resources. Experience the campaign long mission run by over 400 scripts that are constantly updated and expanded.

Situation on Altis is unclear, the last reports indicate Persian invasion. Greek have been unwilling to give us any intel yet, but is believed to prepare assault on the island to protect his army installations on the island. Your team will be sent there to investigate the island status for our knowledge.
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